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Songwriter Monday 2020

In the wake of our Songwriter Festival's success this summer, we have decided to commit ourselves to promoting this genre by staging indoor events this autumn.

Male and female artists of the singer-songwriter tradition will perform under the musical motto 'Songwriter Monday'.

In consequence of current coronavirus restrictions, we are forced to limit the number of audience members to a maximum of 50 people. Due to identification requirements, tickets are only available online.

Attention: Changes due to the current coronavirus restrictions!

Lyn Vysher Trio Christmas Special with the Lyn Vysher Trio

As Live Stream from Monday, Dec 21st, 2020, 8:00 pm (still online)

On Youtube:

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Lyn Vysher presents songs from her two albums 'Leichtigkeit Mit Tiefgang' and 'Einfach Sein'. Condensed to voice, keyboard and bass, the trio offers a very personal and up-close glimps into the music of the singer, ORF presenter and speaker.

Evelyn Lyn Vysher: voc
Martin Mader: kb
Martin Matzinger: bass, perc

[Click here for photo album on Flickr]

TAG - The Ali Foeger Group TAG - The Ali Foeger Group

Proponed until 2021

Extremely personal lyrics, melodies that get stuck inside your head and a style mix of acoustic pop, blues, jazz and reggae are the trademarks of this trio. Founded in 2016, these musicians' compositions let you feel the tender influence of legends like James Taylor, Jack Johnson or Carole King. The reduced, unmistakable sound of the band and the characteristic voice of singer-songwriter Ali Foeger let TAG appear in a very special light of their own.

Ali Foeger: voc, git
Bertl Foeger: piano
Gerhard Zeilinger: bass, perc

Gerald Etzler Gerald Etzler

Monday, October 19th, 2020, 7:30 pm

Gleis 21 - Bloch Bauer Promenade 22, Vienna 1100

After several years of orchestral work as a contrabassist, Gerald Etzler decided to return to playing the guitar and to develop his voice by studying singing. The result is the creation of an hours-long program comprising country and folk songs, Austropop and Viennese lieder.

Gerald Etzler: voc, git

[Click here for photo album on Flickr]