Wir sind Wien 2014 We Are Vienna – District Festival 2014

Our contribution to the District Festival 2014

Tuesday, 06/10/2014, 6 to 10 pm

Open-Air-Arena at Volkspark Laaerberg

(In case of bad weather, the event takes place at the Haus der Begegnung of the VHS)

Free entry!

Musikschule Wien Ensemble Odeon

Tuesday, 06/10/2014, 6 to 7 pm

The Ensemble Odeon comprises ten members, was founded at the Music School Favoriten, and has been having a love affair with the ukulele ever since 2010. The instrument tunings range from soprano to baritone. The acoustic pattern is complemented by octave guitars, charango, ronroco, and bass and steel drum. The ensemble performs music by Pat Metheny, Ennio Morricone, Nino Rota, Richard Galliano, and many others in its own arrangements.

Antike Traumata Antigone in Boston

Tuesday, 06/10/2014, 7:30 to 8 pm

Young, naughty, critical, and in rhymes – Bernd Watzka's short drama 'Antigone in Boston', performed by the Ensemble Wien Drama, is a topical reinterpretation of the classic Greek play by Sophocles, taking place in Boston, USA, in 2013. After the bomb attacker was shot dead at the marathon, the undertakers refused to bury the terrorist's body. This is the exact subject Sophocles dealt with in his tragedy 2500 years ago.
Directed by Aleksander Studen-Kirchner. Performed by: Helen Zangerle, Julia Prock-Schauer, Lisa Tritscher, Alina Bachmayr-Heyda and Aleksander Studen-Kirchner.

The Working Life The Working Life

Tuesday, 06/10/2014, 8:30 to 9:30 pm

Making use of historical texts and music documents, 'The Working Life' takes us on a journey through the labor movement's history – beginning with the establishment of social democracy at the party congress at Hainfeld in 1888/89 all the way through to the events of 1934. Join us as we relive this historical development's most important moments, which are closely intertwined with the history of Favoriten.

3 days of peace & music 3 days of peace and music

Young Artists Interpret Songs of the Hippie Era

Following the Woodstock Festival's motto '3 Days of Peace and Music', we have invited young musicians, who have no experience of the era of their own, to interpret their own versions of the flower-power generation' music.

09/19 to 09/21/2014, always at 6 to 10 pm

Open-Air-Arena at Volkspark Laaerberg

In case of bad weather, the event will take place at the Haus der Begegnung of the VHS
(access at Hanssonzentrum, 2 Ada Christengasse/stairway 2, Vienna 1100)

Free entry!

A co-production with Basis.Kultur.Wien and the hmdw

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ku.be libre ku.be libre

Friday, 09/19/2014, 6 pm

ku.be libre are musical libertines who refuse to be forced into a musical straitjacket. It is thus well possible that the group may switch between the genres of soul, jazz, reggae, rock, and blues in one single concert. The musicians will play whatever they feel like at the moment, own numbers as well as covers in a new style.
The lineup will change as required from the core formation of two voices and one instrument to the band's complete lineup. ku.be libre seeks the company of musicians who share the band's joy of music and its aspiration to perform at the highest possible level. Musical – Free – Joyful – ku.be libre.

Betty Neuwirth - leadvocals
Kurt Hirschfeld - leadvocals, guitar und keys
Adrian Walther - drums
Peter Florescu - bass
Gerhard Hörmayer - leadguitar
Werner Weiskirchner - trumpet

Andronic Andronic

Friday, 09/19/2014, 7:30 pm

Andronic = a declaration of war against the suppression of bands by various DJs and sequencer programs as well as a confession of faith in the sacred deity of 'groove'.
Putting the cart before the horse: Two real musicians create digital music, music that rolls out a red carpet which is then proudly walked down on by the brilliant and touching female voice. Offering completely new interpretations of popular smash hits as well as a rich repertoire of original compositions, this ensemble makes ample use of an extensive catalog. The David Guettas of this world should prepare for the worst, something new and huge is coming to the dance floor. Let's get this party started!

Mary Broadcast Mary Broadcast

Friday, 09/19/2014, 9 pm

Mary Broadcast and Jimi Dolezal have spent quite some time by now working on their project 'Mary Broadcast' and are generally considered a congenial duo. For one whole hour they will now slip into the roles of two musicians who were just as ingenious and form a duet which, unfortunately, never saw the light of day in reality: Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix are raised from the dead and their songs intertwined in a highly interesting way. It was not by chance that these two musicians were selected. Mary Broadcast's powerful voice is often compared to the voice of Janis Joplin, whereas Jimi Dolezal's patron saint is no one less than Jimi Hendrix. What if Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin had joined forces and worked on stage together? Mary Broadcast and Jimi Dolezal present the result.

Vitruv Vitruv

Saturday, 09/20/2014, 6 pm

In this age, music is often no more than a computer-generated and digitally enhanced fraud. Short-lived exchangeability and programmed sounds, handicraft is no longer in demand, but a quick buck for even quicker oblivion. However, music can be so much more, and the musicians of VITRUV prove exactly that:
A unique lead voice, multilayered sounds and texts that stimulate our mental cinema. The songs of VITRUV tell stories of real-life thoughts and feelings. The music itself is realistic and natural, just as life itself.
There is no need for musicians with the right talent to hide behind a huge stage machinery. In the middle of the city, in your living room, or on a festival stage. It simply doesn't matter where you place these musicians: They will enthrall you with their music and accompany you on your journey through life as the soundtrack to your life. As part of this special event, the six musicians attempt to reinterpret classics of the flower power generation – a unique experience!

Martin Writzmann – vocals, guitar
Christian Schmid – drums, percussions
David Körber – guitar
Max Tschida – keyboards
Stefan Bielik – bass, vocals
Peter Hübl – saxophon

Dea Dea

Saturday, 09/20/2014, 7:30 pm

Dea (pronounced 'deea') is the new solo project of Austrian bassist Andrea Fränzel (formerly Mary Broadcast Band) which she developed during her time in Spain. By means of a stipend and with the support of SKE Fonds, she successfully completed the 'Contemporary Performance Master's Program' at the Berklee College of Music – Valencia Campus. Dea has already premiered in Valencia by performing at, for example, the Ciudad de las Artes, TedX Berklee Valencia, and at the Palau de las Arts Reina Sofia. To honor her accomplishments, she was awarded her study program's 'Outstanding Scholar Award' in July 2014.

Laura Rafetseder Laura Rafetseder & Guests

Saturday, 09/20/2014, 9 pm

With Laura & the Comrats' debut 'Creating Memories', singer/song writer Laura Rafetseder has already made quite a name for herself.
In 2012 she supported, among others, Billy Bragg in Graz. In November 2012, her solo debut 'The Minor Key Club' was released, earning positive press reviews. 'The Minor Key Club' focuses on Rafetseder's strengths – the complex lyrics, the catchy melodies, the warmth radiated by her intimate voice. Songs by Laura Rafetseder were published as part of compilations such as Vienna Music 2011 (monkey) and Between the Lines V (Vienna Songwriting Association).


Sunday, 09/21/2014, 6 pm

iNana is a singer and song writer living in Vienna and Barcelona. In 2012, she published her first EP, called 'Drylake'. Ever since that time, she has been working on her debut album and published several music videos.
She describes her mix of styles as 'electronically influenced artpop', as iNana strongly opposes any kind of pigeonhole thinking. She is masterful at balancing jazz, pop, electronics, and experimental music.
In Barcelona she fell in love with the sound of the cello, which has taken on a prominent role in her songs.
This time she will incorporate some iNANAnized songs of the Woodstock era into her program.

Pat McMullan & Friends Pat McMullan & Friends

Sunday, 09/21/2014, 7:30 pm

Patrick McMullan's musical life career reads like a who's who of Great Britain's scene in the 70s. The Belfaster was bassist of Screaming Lord Sutch, Dr. Feelgood, and the legendary Count Bishops, he played in sessions with Motörhead, The Waterboys, Alan Holdsworth, Randy California, Charlie Morgan, Ritchie Blackmore, Peter Green, and Julian Lennon. He worked with producers such as Bill Price (Sex Pistols) and Rob Townsend (Supertramp).
Since 2002, percussionist Nicole Janß (W.i.t.Ch., Asmat Omari, Maqama) has joined Pat McMullan in several band projects. Apart from McMullan's own songs, they play covers from the 1960s and 70s and perform an Irish folk program at pubs, clubs, and festivals.

Rohrenreith 12 Rohrenreith 12

Sunday, 09/21/2014, 9 pm

Not agreeing at all to the planet's ultimate acceleration, they decided to find a space that was not yet contaminated by the eclectic seizures of hypernatural space and found it at ROHRENREITH 12. Rock'n'roll!
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