The Favoriten Festival of Culture(s) 2010 5 Continents – 1 City

The Favoriten Festival of Culture(s) 2010

09/10 to 09/12/2010

In this festival, female and male artists, originally stemming from all five continents but now living and working in Vienna, offer a fascinating glimpse at their world. To this end, intercultural music- and dance workshops as well as an accompanying culinary program are offered.

The event is meant to send a signal and to raise awareness to what enormous degree immigrants from other countries enrich our city.

1100 Wien, Johann-Pölzer-Gasse 4 / Bergtaidingweg

In case of bad weather, all events will take place at Pfarre St. Paul – PAHO, Vienna 1100, 5 Jura-Soyfer-Gasse.

Free entry to all events!

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Simone Klebel-Pergmann Jewish Songs and Dances

Workshop with Simone Klebel-Pergmann

Friday, 09/10/2010, 3 to 5 pm for children and adolescents
Friday, 09/10/2010, 3 to 5 pm for adolescents and adults
at Jugendzentrum 1100 Wien, Wendstattgasse 3

The program introduces the participants to the wonderful world of Jewish songs and dances. As a group we will delve into songs of different origins (Yiddish, Sephardi & Israeli songs) as well as Jewish dances with easy step combinations. These will first be studied and rehearsed and then combined as a short choreography. The enjoyment of movement and music are always at the center.

Simone Klebel-Pergmann has studied classical singing, acting, vocal pedagogy and respiratory therapy, choral pedagogy, choral therapy, theology and philosophy. The singer keeps enthralling her audiences with her exceptional interpretations of Jewish music as well as her extravagant projects. Concert tours have led her through all of Europe. Numerous CD productions and live recordings broadcast by ORF document her musical creative work.

Simmy Chirayath Indian Dances and Bollywood Dance

Workshop with Simmy Chirayath

Saturday, 09/11/2010, 10 am to 3 pm for adolescents and adults
(lunch break 12 am to 1 pm)
at Jugendzentrum 1100 Wien, Wendstattgasse 3

Simmy Chirayath was born in Mumbai (India) and attended high school and college in Kerala. After her graduation as bachelor in English literature she migrated to Vienna in 2001. Simmy has always been a lover of the arts, especially in regard to classical and semi-classical Indian dances. She was especially attracted to classical Indian dance, which is why she absolved training in Bharthanatyam (a dance form primarily at home in the south Indian province Tamil Nadu) and in Kathak (a dance form originating from India's northern provinces).
As early as in her time at college, she participated in several regional and trans-regional competitions and won several prizes. She guested at over 100 stages, today performing all over Europe. She has also been able to present her Bollywood dances on ORF television.

Prosi International Dishes Served by Prosi

Saturday, 09/11/2010, from 12 am

Prosi is the largest specialty store for Asian, African and Latin American groceries in Austria. The supermarket offers more than 5000 categories of products from all over the world.
At the Favoriten Festival of Culture(s), Prosi will serve international dishes to the taste of everyone.

Adrian Gaspar Adrian Gaspar Gypsy Group

Saturday, 09/11/2010, 10 am

Adrian Gaspar is a young and highly talented pianist who introduced the new generation of Balkan jazz to Austria. Originally hailing from Romania, Adrian Gaspar has adapted very well to Austrian society. Despite his young age, he has founded several music groups such as the 'Adrian Gaspar Gypsy Combo'. After collecting experiences with distinguished musicians at different bookings in Austria, Germany, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Romania, and even in the US, he is still highly motivated to pursue his passion.
Adrian Gaspar keeps enthralling his audiences with his fascinating piano play and is the perfect illustration of what a high musical level an audience may expect from a dedicated, dynamic young musician.

ajna Ognjenovic Rajna Ognjenovic

Saturday, 09/11/2010, 1:45 pm

After graduating from music primary school in her home town Herceg-Novi in Montenegro, Rajna Ognjenovic graduated at the Kotor school of music as a member of Professor Aleksej Molcanov's class. Still in her training, she participated in numerous competitions, winning a large number of prizes. She attended the master classes of Professors Rita Kinka, Liza Suica, Boris Kraljevic, and others. Rajna currently attends the Vienna Conservatory.

MA 17 Opening by City Councilwoman Sandra Frauenberger

Saturday, 09/11/2010, 2 pm

We would like to thank our cooperation partners:

MA17 (Integration und Diversität)
Bezirksvorstehung Favoriten
Wohnpartner Wien
Wiener Wohnen
Jugendzentrum Wendstattgasse
Pfarre St. Paul - PAHO

Indische Tanzschule Wien Performance by the Indian Dance School of Vienna

Saturday, 09/11/2010, 2:10 pm

Students of the Indian Dance School at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna will honor god Ganesha by dancing Sanskrit sloka. If God Ganesha is praised at the beginning of any activity and opening, he will remove obstacles and problems and protect anyone who seeks his support. → Praising God Ganesha at the beginning of any activity or opening will remove obstacles and problems as well as protect anyone who seeks his support.
Following this, the dancers will enact a floral offering – Puspaanjali – by performing the classic Bharatanatyam dance, pleasuring all gods and blessing both dancers and audience.

Adrian Gaspar Group feat. Habib Samandi Adrian Gaspar Gypsy Group feat. Habib Samandi

Saturday, 09/11/2010, 2:30 pm

Habib Samandi was born in Carthage (Tunisia). After graduating in economics and management studies, he began his career as professional percussionist in 1980. He initially played the oriental percussion instruments darbuka, bendir, and tar. In 1985, he met Columbian percussionist Roberto Pla in Tunis and started taking congas lessons. Step by step he learned the Latin and African rhythms and acquired a liking of ethno and world music. Habib Samandi has given live performances, has worked as a studio musician as well as a rhythm composer for theater and film, and accompanied dancers with his percussion rhythms during their performances.

Sol Caribe Sol Caribe

Saturday, 09/11./2010, 3:15 pm

The Latin band Sol Caribe was founded by Venezuelan Juan Ostos in Vienna in 1986. All musicians are real Latinos with music in their blood, their hot rhythms having made young people get on the dance floor in Europe as well as South America.

Spinifex Spinifex

Saturday, 09/11/2010, 4 pm

Spinifex performs with changing members at festivals and presents traditional and contemporary songs and instrumental pieces from Australia. The musicians attach great importance to acoustic sound and authentic instruments, such as the didgeridoo or the accordion, typically used by 'bush bands'.

Oriental Visions Oriental Visions

Saturday, 09/11/2010, 5 pm

Boundless musical enjoyment by three devoted artists. Simone Pergmann (vocals), Marwan Abado (vocals, oud) and Bernie Rothauer (percussion, guitar) present the fascinating world of the oriental treasury of songs. The performance comprises Jewish as well as Arabic compositions. A touching proof that music can speak straight to your heart.
Employing the most economical means – the archaic sound of the oud, the clear singing of Abado, the sensitive voice of Simone Pergmann, and Bernie Rothauer's impressive play, the artists succeed in creating an atmosphere of hypnotic calm and intensive excitement. An event full of music and poetry, with a fine flavor of wit and the universally beloved oriental humor.
Marwan Abado was born as the son of a Christian-Palestinian family in a refugee camp in Beirut (Lebanon). In 1985, he fled the civil war to Austria, finding a new home in Vienna as a musician, singer, composer, and poet.

SeLecTions SeLecTions

Saturday, 09/11/2010, 6 pm

The international group, whose members are Judy Archer (Trinidad), Pat Davies (USA), and Sandra Wells (England), has dedicated itself to the rousing music of gospel songs. Like Judy Archer, one of the original members of the Les Humphries Singers, Pat Davies and Sandra Wells were at home on stages all over the world until they settled down in Vienna. Look forward to a music program that'll sweep you right off your feet.

JAQ - Jimi U / Albert Mair Quintet JAQ - Jimi U / Albert Mair Quintet

Saturday, 09/11/2010, 7 pm

Jimi U (the vocalist from Pittsburgh/USA) and Albert Mair became acquainted at the legendary 'Jazzfreddy' in 1971, where both played for the most diverse ensembles. In 1989, faced with the challenge of performing at a major event, the two artists formed a band comprised of superb musicians, resulting in a sensational success. Today, due to the musicians' excellent skills and stylistic diversity, JAQ is widely viewed as one of our country's finest musical ensembles.

Cindy Köller Songs of Desire – Matinee with Cindy Köller

Sunday, 09/12/2010, 11 am
at Pfarre St. Paul - PAHO
1100 Wien, Jura-Soyfer-Gasse 5 / Bergtaidingweg

Cindy Köller was born in Hamilton/Ontario, Canada, where her parents settled down after emigrating from their native country, Austria. Cindy grew up in a safe and stimulating environment, and developed an intimate relationship to nature and music, the latter awakened by the famous Hollywood movie The Sound of Music. She became especially enamored of singing. Despite Cindy's roots in classical music, the music of the time (60s/70s), and especially its message, left her deeply impressed. Her academic career began at the University of Toronto, where she earned the Bachelor of Arts degree. Following her calling, she studied singing at the Royal Conservatory of Music, earning diplomas in singing (with distinction), harmony, and music history. She continued her musical training at Queen's University (Kingston) by studying vocal performance. A cultural exchange program organized by Queen's University brought her to Vienna. When returning to Canada, she had already made the decision to make Vienna her future home.