We Are Vienna – Section Festival 2017 We Are Vienna – Section Festival 2017

Our Contribution to the Section Festival 2017

Saturday, 06/10/2017, 4 to 10 pm

Open-Air-Arena at Volkspark Laaerberg

Free entry to all events!

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Yoga with Evelyn Vysher Yoga with Evelyn Vysher

Saturday, 06/10/2017, 4 pm

Due to last year's great success, we will offer another yoga session with ORF anchor Evelyn Vysher. Please bring comfortable clothing, yoga mats are provided for.

'Yoga means oneness. The practice of yoga allows us to unify body, spirit, and soul. On this weekend, I would like to give you a glimpse at the two essential areas of traditional and modern yoga and give you an opportunity to experience yourself the soothing and clarifying effect of yoga on everyday life. We will practice asanas which are suited for beginners as well as more advanced learners.
I'm looking forward to your numerous appearance and practicing yoga as a group in the park, right in the middle of nature!'  Evelyn Vysher

Musikschule Favoriten und Simmering School of Music Favoriten and Simmering

Saturday, 06/10/2017, 6 pm

As is our tradition, we will open the section festival 'We Are Vienna' with the young talents of the School of Music of Vienna.
With great enthusiasm and dedication, the rock-ensembles and the ukulele-ensemble Odeon will present another powerful program on stage.

Fräulein Kokett Fräulein Kokett

Saturday, 06/10/2017, 7:30 pm

They are often referred to as Austria's answer to the Andrew Sisters or the Comedian Harmonists. The four powerful-voiced ladies groove the schmaltz out of slushy songs and present a humorous and naughty homage to the Schlager music of 1920 til 1970.
We are looking forward this year to presenting this ensemble, which made it to the semifinal of Große Chance der Chöre (Great Chance of Choirs), to our audience on the stage of Volkspark Laaerberg!

50 Jahre Summer Of Love 50 Jahre Summer Of Love - Nancy Luca 50 Jahre Summer Of Love

Friday and Saturday, 08/18/2017 and 08/19/2017, always at 7:30 pm

Open-Air-Arena at Volkspark Laaerberg

(In case of bad weather, the event will be relocated to the Haus der Begegnungen of the VHS Favoriten)

Free Entry!

This year, the summer of 1967, having become an iconic historic event as the 'Summer of Love', celebrates its 50th anniversary. In this event, we will shed light on the musical as well as cultural background of the period and will also scrutinize the issue of the era's impact on the social environment in Vienna. Based on the broadcast series by music expert Karl Warlischek, we will let you join us in the exploration of the era's attitude to life and will present background information on the heyday of the flower-power-movement, accompanied by live performances of the hippie generation's music.

Top class musicians! Our summer of love project band:

Mary Broadcast (vocals, git)
Jimi Dolezal (git)
Andrea Fränzel (bass)
Alex Gantz (git)
Thomas Hierzberger (bass)
Andi Senn (drums)

Special Guest: NANCY LUCA (USA)

We are very proud to announce that we have been able to invite American guitar virtuoso Nancy Luca to Austria in order to perform at the event's final show. Since her earliest youth, Nancy has played in the most diverse ensembles, demonstrating time and again her incredible musical versatility. It is, however, the music of the summer of love she feels most connected to!

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